principal's message

“Education is not the filling of a vessel but the lighting of a fire” and Educators play pivotal role in nurturing and shaping an individual. A good educator does not conform to a mould but goes beyond it to empower the students to become the people they are meant to be in this competitive world – indeed being a blessing in society.

The pedagogy to which we at St. Anthony's are committed is “education in love,” based on the life and beliefs of our Mother Foundress, St. Claudine Thevenet. We believe our task is to ignite and rekindle the human spirit and the mind of our wards and make them stretch themselves to their utmost abilities. Listening to the spirit and building a foundation in the heart, ensures peace - a dire necessity in a world torn by disunity, violence and emotional aridity. Our value-based education is as relevant to the needs of present day society as it was in the days of our Mother Foundress and it is our earnest endeavour to spread these values.

Every child, we believe, is a special gift of God. Our primary aim is to help the children find the potential within them so that they are attuned to the beautiful melody of life. To encourage a holistic development, we try to weave a variety of educational experiences into the fabric of their school life. We cannot over estimate the importance of our mission because the world of tomorrow depends on the education of our children today.

In this present time when the world is changing with a rocket speed, where e-world is gripping every human being, at this very juncture students can easily be allured and fall victim to its vices. But you should walk along with this present scenario in exploring and be judicious in usage of it as guided by your parents and teachers. For such enormous task one has to have a goal in life which is never accomplished without hard work, commitment and persistence with many problems and obstacles as a part of our life. Hence the way we respond to the problem we face in life will determine the measure of our success.

In the education we impart to our children, we must counter the negative impact of social trends towards violence and materialism and teach them to live a moral and compassionate existence despite the darkness. They must learn to live out their dilemmas and accept the responsibility of living in the midst of such a paradox, making their life a worthy expression of leaning towards the light and alleviating evil and suffering. Let us always trend on this noble path, the vocation which we have chosen for ourselves and guide the children entrusted to us, the future of our great nation. I reaffirm my commitment to touch the lives of all our students, parents and collaborators with empathy, compassion and knowledge.

So look towards the future, live your life with positive thinking, self confidence and passion to accomplish your vision. I wish that you all will fulfil the promise of life and walk on paths always illumined by the presence of God.

God Bless you

Sr. Lucy D’Souza
St. Anthony's Junior College, Agra